The National Maritime Museum, Greenwich

We took a boat ride down the Thames River to Greenwich to visit the Royal Observatory and the National Maritime Museum, where we were given a guided tour of their library. The library was naturally focused on information dealing with maritime history, and we were fortunate enough to again view and handle some very rare documents and other items. Personally, I found the snapshots taken of the survivors of the Titanic while still in the lifeboats awaiting rescue to be especially memorable, and a bit haunting, as well.

After the library visit, we went to the Royal Observatory and saw the time-keeping historical items on display at their exhibit there. We, of course, had to see the Prime Meridian, and stand over it to get our picture taken with one foot in two different hemispheres.

Edie and I hung around Greenwich most of the day, and finally caught the last available boat back down the Thames. That particular boat had seating on the upper deck, and we were able to get some great photos from there. It was a wonderful way to end the day.

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