Day 10, Minibreak, Dublin, Ireland, The Writer's Museum

As we all went our seperate ways for the mini-break, I left Edinburgh and flew to Dublin, where I spent the rest of the break. I visited the Dublin Writer's Museum, as one of our "on our own" site visits. It was similar to the Writer's Museum in Edinburgh, though somewhat roomier, with a small cafe, bookstore, and some art exhibition spaces. James Joyce was, of course, featured prominently as one of Ireland's premier authors, along with the infamous Oscar Wilde, and Samuel Beckett, to name a few.
The museum offers a chronological look at writer's who hale from Ireland throughout its literary history, with displays that include various documents, books, photos, paintings, and even personal accoutrements of the writers. Audio handsets are given to visitors for self-guided tours.
One of the most interesting things that I was fortunate to be able to see was the event offered by the museum called "The Writers Entertain." It was a performance by a single Irish actor, who talks about the highlights of several Irish writer's lives and careers, and gives enactments of quotes in different voices of things said by the writer's and those who knew them. It was a uniquely entertaining and informative experience.
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